Suzanne Vega & Gerry Leonard Collaborator Pamela Sue Mann Shares New Single ‘Pink Flamingos’

Pamela-Sue Mann is an alt-pop singer-songwriter, poet and multi-instrumentalist with a wealth of experience as both a session musician and an artist in her own right which has seen her tour the world and gain rave reviews for her music across the likes of MTV, BBC radio and tastemaker press.

Pamela has recorded and toured with internationally recognized artists such as Suzanne Vega, Donna Lewis, David Baron, Gerry Leonard among others and her music has been played across radio, film and TV.

Her new single ‘Pink Flamingos’ is unique, innovative, playful and optimistic. The track has a happy-go-lucky feel and expresses a pure joyousness, both musically and in Pamela’s quirky vocal delivery. Built around a bright Bowie-esque soundscape of bouncing bass, drums and percussion, shimmering synths and undercurrents of exuberant vintage 1950’s cheesiness. The backing vocals and subtle guitar combined with Pamela’s naturally charismatic vocal give the track an intriguing and infectiously commercial vibe. As the track builds towards its climax, a male vocal enters courtesy of Philip Hurd-Wood, underscoring the brilliant sense of eccentric goofiness which is present throughout.

Produced by and also featuring guitar and synth from Gerry Leonard (famed for his work with David Bowie), the track also features vocal performances from Trina Hamlin and Donna Lewis.

Written as a joyous contrast to the sorrow caused by the current world climate, Mann describes Pink Flamingos as:

‘Pink Flamingos’ is out now.



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