Pop Newcomers New Unity Release ‘Feel Again’

Hyfs Miniton
2 min readAug 19, 2022


New Unity, the brainchild of Gabriel Frangetto (also known as ‘Fran’) and accompanying drummer Vitor Emanuel are back with their new single “Feel Again”.

Having originally started as a solo artist, Fran formed New Unity to fully discover the sound he wanted to create. Fran explains: “I felt that I needed a band, the entire EP demanded it and already knew the right person to bring it to the public. We met at a music school that we were working on and studying, we had that passion for music and we wanted to do that for the rest of our lives”. For New Unity, speaking through songs is the best way to show how you feel and to understand how others feel. “Music is the universal language, everybody understands”.

“Feel Again” once again demonstrates the duo’s pop exploits and ability to create musically rich, emotionally driven but also naturally commercial, infectiously catchy music. “Feel Again” brings together a backdrop of shimmering synths and strings with live guitar, bass and punchy electronic beats under Fran’s melancholic vocal delivery and intensely emotive, relatable lyricism.

Speaking about the meaning behind the single, Fran explains: “Feel Again is about giving yourself so much to someone who does not feel the same about you and how hard it is to let it go”

A duo with a lot of promise and a striking ability to create moving alternative-pop tunes, New Unity’s upcoming single “Feel Again” is out now.