Marina Releases Pop-Rock Anthem ‘Why’

Hyfs Miniton
2 min readJun 16, 2022

Kiev born, now Colorado based singer-songwriter Marina is back with her new single ‘Why’. The follow up to previous releases ‘Sunsets And Rieslings’ and ‘Almost Love’, the new single sees the solo artist move away from her r&b-pop sound bringing a rockier edge to her material.

Blending layers of guitar and piano with thumping drums, driving bass and subtle synths, ‘Why’ sees Marina capture an essence of Kelly Clarkson, reinforced with her fiercely emotive, intense vocal delivery.

Speaking about the single, Marina explains: “‘Why’ is a break up song that speaks to the pain that we feel in our hearts that’s in conflict with our minds. We can always remember the moment that things changed. The moment our lover became a little distant. The moment the responses took a little longer. The day they broke a promise. The time they hurt us…with no real apology in site. These are painful reminders that deep down we knew the end was coming, but we chose to hold on anyway because that person was our world at the time.”

Having already been placed across Spotify playlists and support from a number of radio stations, Marina has already established herself as one to watch. The new single will surely see her continue to rise as an exciting up and coming pop talent.

‘Why’ is out now.